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13:00 – 17:00
Dutch, English

The New Garden at:
Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


Just come along, admission is free!

In case of rain, the Garden Fair will take place under the arcade of Het Nieuwe Instituut, the covered area on Rochussenstraat.

This afternoon explores a different way of designing, with a focus on ‘upcycling’ – transforming used materials or existing designs into more valuable new products. 

In the workshop, for example, construction waste is used to make garden furniture. And weeds can be harvested to make a delicious salad.

As a design institute, we are interested in the new forms that design can take and we aim to work with innovative designers and organisations that have made them their mission. Are weeds edible? Can you turn construction waste into tableware or furniture? And how do we make reuse more sustainable?

New in The New Garden

In the winter of 2021, Het Nieuwe Instituut’s garden was redesigned in response to the Museum Park revamp. It will bloom again in the coming years. Meanwhile, Het Nieuwe Instituut is now the world’s first official zoöp – a new kind of organisation, in which people and non-humans (such as plants and animals) try to live together in harmony. For example, weeds from The New Garden are not simply thrown away and there is a compost heap to stimulate biodiversity.


Upcycling: making something new from (waste) materials or products, so increasing their value.

Recycling: also making something new from waste, but by first destroying the waste product. An example is glass: containers are melted down to make new glass items.

Reuse: using old items again, without changing them, as in the case of second-hand clothing and furniture.

Regenerative design: goes one step further than sustainable design. For example, where a sustainable design emits less CO2, a regenerative design will store CO2. Nature, environment and social aspects are taken into account in the design.

The New Garden
Frank Bruggeman and Hans Engelbrecht
Karlis Krecers

This project is part of the programme track Landscape and Interior and the folder Museumpark.

The New Garden combines nature and culture on the grounds of Het Nieuwe Instituut. The temporary landscape by artist/designer Frank Bruggeman and gardener Hans Engelbrecht reflects a growing interest in urban nature.