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19/06/2018 – 08/07/2018

The New Garden is a public space with an ecological system of herbs, shrubs, animals and birds. Artist/designer Frank Bruggeman and ecological horticulturalist Hans Engelbrecht planted the garden in the spring of 2015 on the grounds around Het Nieuwe Instituut. The garden is a temporary landscape like those that spring up on wastelands and vacant inner-city plots. Bruggeman and Engelbrecht have selected plants that are suited to these specific circumstances. This flora is presented in a photo reportage.


In collaboration with the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam and the Vereniging Deltametropool, we will seek out untamed nature in the city at the tail end of the summer. We are screening two films that address the subject in different ways: Louis Le Roy and Brussels Wild.

01/07/2015 – 29/08/2015
Het Nieuwe Instituut

Every Wednesday and Saturday in the summer of 2015 Lisette de Prez gave a yoga class in The New Garden. 

The New Garden
Frank Bruggeman and Hans Engelbrecht
Karlis Krecers

This project is part of the programme track Landscape and Interior and the folder Museumpark.

The New Garden combines nature and culture on the grounds of Het Nieuwe Instituut. The temporary landscape by artist/designer Frank Bruggeman and gardener Hans Engelbrecht reflects a growing interest in urban nature.